Major Impact of the California GEAR UP Program for the Last 18 Years

Our Impact

Changing school culture since 1999.

Education Trust Awardshave been given to over 5,320 students
GEAR UP families believe their child can afford to attend a college.


School Educators


Students Funded


Middle Schools


Families of Students


middle schools

304 middle schools across half of the state’s counties in which at least 51 percent of the students are eligible for the free- or reduced-lunch program developed a college-going culture;

Leadership Teams of teachers and administrators were instituted at 304 middle schools;


middle school educators

Over 2,500 middle school educators — teachers, administrators, and counselors — participated in professional development activities designed to enhance academic rigor at their schools;


middle school students

Over 440,000 middle school students at these schools benefited from Program services;


middle school families

Over 55,000 families of middle school students learned strategies for partnering with schools and supporting their children to succeed in high school and college; and,


students funded

Educational Trust Accounts were established for 5,607 students through ScholarShare — the state’s college savings program — for $2,000 each to pay a portion of their college education. Once enrolled, a student could withdraw funds from his/her account to pay for college expenses.