ACCESS – Applying College and Career Equity-based STEM Strategies


ACCESS (Applying College and Career Equity-based STEM Strategies) is an approach to professional development that is based on applying math knowledge and skills to solve a variety of problems.  The primary goal is to help remove mathematical barriers to college and career opportunities. Our work toward this goal focuses on: enhancing mathematics content, pedagogy and culturally relevant and responsive teaching practices; connecting and aligning to California State Standards; and college entrance expectations and the promotion of a growth mindset for college and career readiness. 

ACCESS professional development is a research-based, data-informed, equity-focused, continuous improvement model. Through collaboration with teachers, diagnostic data are collected, analyzed and used formatively to support teacher practice to address student learning needs.

The ACCESS Team works collaboratively with leadership teams that include district and site administrators, counselors, teachers and staff to build an equity-based mathematics program.

“Amazing team of presenters; most impactful training I have ever participated in (30 years of education).”

Lisa Whitworth, High School Principal