Focus Area 1 – Instruction: Teaching and Learning

For each rubric indicator within this focus area, school Equity Leadership Teams are asked to identify a rating for their school from four possible options:

  • Initiating – “Thinking About It”
  • Developing – “Working on It”
  • Implementing – “Living It”
  • Transforming – “Shifting the Paradigm”
The exhibit below shows the percentage of GEAR UP schools in the Implementing or Transforming stages between the 2019–20 and 2022–23 school years.

Description 2019-20 2020-21 2021-22 2022-23
All students engage in content that is standards-based, culturally relevant and academically accessible to all students. 26% 18% 26% 46%
All teachers use instructional strategies that promote productive student learning dispositions and a learning environment whereby students are engaged, enthusiastic learners. 19% 25% 39% 46%
Daily lesson goals are standards-aligned, provide a structure for instruction, link to past and future learning and are understandable and visible to students. 26% 39% 48% 54%
All teachers utilize a variety of common and formal and informal assessments and practices to measure progress towards standards-based student outcomes. 30% 18% 39% 63%
All teachers incorporate timely and effective feedback to students and parents intended to move student understanding forward. 4% 4% 13% 21%
All teachers consistently use multiple measures to inform high quality instruction within and across grade levels and these measures are incorporated into the school-wide goals and planning. 7% 11% 17% 25%
Agreed-upon framework reflects consistent decision making for all to identify how students will be moved between levels. 11% 18% 22% 25%
Ongoing Professional Development is provided to staff who provide secondary and tertiary academic interventions. 18% 32% 44% 58%
Collaboration and planning between teachers is common schoolwide. 37% 71% 74% 71%
All course content prepares students for successful completion of A-G courses. 52% 58% 69% 75%
Continued and expanded efforts to align standards-based curriculum within and across grade levels and disciplines. 26% 39% 52% 50%